Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a ministry of service at First Baptist Church.  We remember the acts of mercy Jesus commended in Matthew 25 and so we seek to bring Him glory by extending a "helping hand" to others in need.  Needs can range from light cleaning, yardwork, small painting jobs, small repairs, etc.  Requests for help will come from members or referrals by members for persons outside the church (see link below for referral form).

As a need is identified the members of our Helping Hands ministry will be contacted.  Those interested and available to help with the need will respond and a date/time will be set to accomplish the task.  No one is expected to respond to all requests.

If you'd like to be a part of Helping Hands, simply click the link below to fill out the sign-up form...

Helping Hands sign-up form


If you'd like to submit a request for help or make a referral for someone else, click the link below to fill out a short form.

Helping Hands Request/Referral Form